Pen Pot Tree Man4

Pen Pot Tree Man

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  • Type: Floor Boughpot, Flower Kettle/Sprinkler, Flower Tub, Pots, Per
  • Used With: Flower/Green Plant
  • Packaging:: Carton Box + Foam + Bubble Bag
  • Usage: Garden/Desk Decoration
  • Size: 3.5 X 6 inches

Product description

Product Description

– Size: 14*9*8 cm;
– Weight: 0.26 kg ~ 260 gr;
– box size (shipping): 21*16*12 cm;
– Box weight (include product): 0.35 kg ~ 350 gr
– Material: PVC

1. Why do you like this product?

– A great Christmas gift for friends, colleagues and people you love;
– With function is a vase,it’s design is innovative that make your life be interesting and colorful
– With function is a pencil case, it make your desk be more dynamic.

2. How is the product’s structure?

The product has 3 inch length and 2.5 inch width as well as also has a small drainage hole. Therefore, water will leak out when be used as a flowerpot.

3. Which can plant be planted in this product?

It is suitable for any small plant, such as cactus, stone lotus,…

4. Are you worry about the product’s material? Whether the material is transported and used easily?

You can be assured of the long-term use of the product. With PVC material, the product will be safe to transfer and can be used forever. With gray brown, the product will always look new and difficult to get dirty.

Product information