Colored pencils 24

Colored Pencil Paper Box 24pcs/Box

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  • CONVENIENT- EASY TO USE: BEE crayons are housed in a compact, space-saving vertical circular paper box. There are 12 different colors, each crayon is engraved with the Bee logo and color code for easy identification, avoiding confusion for users
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: the product of BEE has a hexagonal design that stretches across the body of the pen, which is more convenient than a round shape when placed on a table or on a book, the pens will not roll or move to another place. In addition, each colorful Bee crayon is coated with a matte satin finish for comfortable use and no hand fatigue.
  • GREAT GIFTS FOR ALL AGES: BEE crayons sets are suitable as gifts for artist, professional, students, especially children who have a love of painting. Let our multicolored product accompany and develop with the unique and wonderful ideas inside your brain.
  • SMOOTH, CLEAR, MULTI-USE CRAYONS: These pencils feature high quality pigments with outstanding light resistance and beautiful shine.. It is a pen use for sketching, marking for artists, art pencils for drawing and shading for adults and children.
  • COMPACT – EASY TO CARRY: BEE pencil case design with vertical circular diameter, making it easy for users to choose the color to use, convenient for travel, work, school and just put it in a small bag.