Latte NesCafé Almond Milk Coffee 240g

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  • Product Description: Latte NesCafé Almond Milk Coffee 240g

Latte NesCafé Almond Milk Coffee 240g
Brand: NesCafé (Vietnam)
Made in Vietnam
Product Type: Latte
Coffee type: Almond milk latte
Flavor: almond flavor
Packing: Box
Total weight: 240g
Quantity 10 packs
Odd weight: 24g

Nescafe is proud to launch a new nut milk Latte product line with almond milk Latte NesCafé with the desire to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated coffee taste of Vietnamese people, NESCAFÉ Latte Milk Nut with 2 almond flavors The rich flavor and aroma of hazelnuts give you a variety of choices for a delicious coffee experience every day. A packet of coffee now up to 24 grams gives you a smooth iced Latte with just 2 minutes of preparation.

Latte NesCafé hazelnut milk coffee is a blend of stylish Latte coffee and smooth, nutritious almond milk, which not only brings an irresistible delicious coffee experience, but also adds nutrition. Energy to start a new day effectively.

With convenient packaging, preparation is easier. From here, you can enjoy your favorite cup of Latte anywhere with just a compact packet of instant coffee.