NesCafé 3 in 1 iced milk coffee 200g

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  • Product Description: NesCafé 3 in 1 iced milk coffee 200g

NesCafé 3 in 1 iced milk coffee 200g
Brand: NesCafé
Made in Vietnam
Product type: Milk coffee
Amount of sugar: With sugar
Ingredients: Sugar, coffee creamer powder (contains milk), instant coffee (11.1%), skimmed milk powder (4%), stabilizer 1440, coconut milk powder, synthetic flavor (coffee) , milk), iodized salt, acidity regulator 500
Packing: Box form
Total weight: 240g
Quantity 10 packs
Odd weight: 24g
Using 100% pure Vietnamese coffee

NesCafé 3 in 1 iced milk coffee 200g is made from 100% quality Vietnamese coffee beans, proud to bring you a cup of pure iced milk coffee with a strong coffee flavor combined with a mild fatty taste. of real milk helps to quickly recharge energy to start the day awake and refreshed

NesCafe instant milk coffee 3 in 1 iced milk coffee box 240g is the perfect combination between the typical bitter taste of coffee and the delicious sweet and fatty taste of milk, giving you strong and irresistible cups of coffee. . The product helps you start a new day more cheerful and active, enhancing your ability to concentrate when working effectively. Coffee in the form of a convenient instant packet, easy to prepare, helps you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee quickly.

The product is selected and produced from high quality Vietnamese coffee beans and roasted at the ideal temperature to ensure full aroma and delicious taste.