NesCafé Café Vietnamese Black Iced Coffee 240g

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NesCafé Café Viet Iced Black Coffee 240g is made from 100% quality Vietnamese coffee beans to bring a cup of pure Vietnamese black coffee with a strong, alluring coffee flavor that no Vietnamese man can. irresistible. Quality instant coffee products, meeting the daily nutritional needs of adults

NesCafé Vietnamese iced black coffee has a familiar bitter taste and inherent natural aroma, now added to increase the content of pure coffee, giving it a very strong and delicious taste.

The product is created to bring out the passion for a pure and pure coffee. You will feel the rich Vietnamese flavor, the initial mild bitterness and the “resonance” of the coffee flavor that remains in the throat for an unforgettable time.

What could be more wonderful than starting a new day with a cup of NesCafe Viet iced black coffee, taking a sip of the strong coffee flavor, you seem to be aroused with physical and mental excitement. Thanks to that, every story, every connection is shared more easily.

User manual

Put 2 packets of instant coffee into a cup, pour 75-120 ml of hot water (80-100 degrees Celsius) into the cup and stir well. Add ice to the glass, stir well and enjoy.


Cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.