No Spicy Jin Noodle Ottogi Bowl 110g

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Brand: Ottogi (Korea)
Made in Vietnam
Noodle type: Noodle soup
Noodle taste: Not spicy
Weight: 110g
Main ingredients: Noodles – Wheat flour
It is a very hot instant noodle product from Ottogi house with delicious and chewy Korean noodles soaked in a rich but not spicy soup that is easy to eat. A convenient 110g bowl of non-spicy Jin noodles Ottogi is an extremely attractive choice for Korean noodle lovers but can’t eat spicy food.
Usage: Use Boiling Water
Open the lid of the bowl to the line marked with the arrow and add the seasoning soup packet and dried vegetables. Pour boiling water up to the line on the inside of the bowl, cover and wait 4 minutes. Open the lid, mix well and enjoy.
Storage: Keep in a dry place and avoid sunlight, should be processed immediately after opening the package, avoiding near chemicals and products with strong odors.