TNI Coffee King Coffee Golden 450g

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TNI Coffee King Coffee Golden 450g
Brand: TNI King Coffee (Vietnam)
Place of production: Vietnam
Product Type: coffee
Ingredients: Arabica, Robusta
Processing: Roasting
Taste: Delicious, rich flavor
Weight: 450g
Packing: Box
Quantity: 2 packs x 225g

TNI King Coffee Golden 450g is processed according to modern processes combined with specialized recipes from TNI King Coffee experts, resulting in a quality TNI King Coffee filter coffee product, helping you to start a new journey. dynamic new day, inspiring creativity for work.

King Coffee Golden box 450g is made from 7 delicious coffees from 7 famous coffee growing regions in the world. It starts with a hint of strong aroma of fine arabica beans, followed by the original mild sour and sweet taste of the coffee beans.

User manual
Put 3 teaspoons of Golden Roasted Ground (about 25g) into the filter.
Shake well and gently squeeze the inner snap cap.
Pour about 25ml of hot water (96-100 degrees Celsius) into the filter, wait for the coffee to infuse.
Then add about 50ml of boiling water, wait 5-7 minutes for the coffee to run out.

Cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight