Chuppa Chups Rainbow Marshmallows Box 48 Bars/Box

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  • Product Description: Chuppa Chups Rainbow Marshmallows Box 48 Bars/Box

Made in: Vietnam
Brand: chupa chups
Packing: 48 pieces/bag
Expiry date: 12 months
Pros: 1 pack has 60 sticks in many flavors, easy to share. The product is not only delicious but also helps to supplement vitamin C for the body.
Suitable: For all subjects (children from 5 years old).
Usage: Use immediately after opening the package, prolonged exposure to the air will affect the quality of the product.

Chupa Fruit Chup 48 string is full of fun with just one lollipop stick. With a delicious, sweet taste that provides a lot of energy to help you reduce stress and fatigue, helping your brain work more clearly.

Chupa Chups lollipops mixed fruit flavor, delicious with strawberry, grape, orange, strawberry cream, raspberry and cola spoiled for you to choose your favorite candy.

Produced by modern technology, every stage from raw material selection to processing, packaging is closed under strict supervision and inspection.